Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Message from Mom

Hello everyone,
It was nice to hear from a lot of you this week. Thanks for writing.
We have had a wonderful week again. We are in the 6th week of our 6 week cycle. Wally is finishing up interviews this week and will start deciding on transfers. Friday night we had a Couples Conference for all of our Senior missionaries--there are 19 of them including 3 single sisters. I fed them a "lovely" dinner, played a medley of church hymns and then we had a testimony meeting. It was a treat for them or least a change of pace. This Saturday and Sunday things were fairly quiet so we were able to rest and study more than usual.
On Sunday we went to the Leeds 1 Ward which is our home ward. Do you remember me telling you about Angela from Romania who just walked in the church to see what it is all about? yesterday she came running up to me, gave me a big hug and told me she was getting baptized next Saturday. The first time I met her she was so quiet and shy with her head always down. Yesterday the difference was a shock to me. Their was such joy in her eyes. She told me how much it meant to her to know how much Heavenly Father loved her and her little boy. What a miracle!
These missionaries are so obedient. Elder Richard G. Scott told us at the MTC to be careful what we asked them to do because they would surely do it. At the last Zone Conference Wally upped the finding hours from 15 per week to 17 per week. Last week there were 1059 hours finding (one companionship had 36 hours alone), 377 new investigators, and 44 scheduled for baptism in September. All of these missionaries are great--some the victory will be that they make it two years and return home honorable--others have daily miracles in their lives. Two elders this week were knocking on doors on a street. They had prayed to know where to go and they were directed to this street. However for half a day they had no success--no one let them in. They decided to try another area but kept feeling they needed to return to a certain street. They followed the promptings they received, and after returning to the area, quickly found 5 new investigators to teach.
In a small branch in Leeds, Elders Tanner and Killpack found Samantha, teen-age girl. She loved YW and immediately fit right in. She was baptized this week and invited all of her friends and they came! There were more non-members than members there. Five of those friends are now being taught or are interested.
If you don't think the church is in China, then consider this--we have two missionaries that speak mandarin chinese. Each week they find, teach and baptize at least one Chinese student at the University of Leeds who will return to China. There are many small branches already in China and because of such good relations with the Church the government is allowing them to function openly.
We pray daily for each of you and feel of your love and support. This is very hard, it is very easy. Quite the paradox but the greatest thing is that the Lord's hand is in it all.
Mom and Dad, Jan & Wally

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